Guide to documenting Q-CTRL projects

Q-CTRL projects have two types of documentation:

  1. Contributor documentation
  2. User documentation

Contributor documentation

Contributor documentation is found in the .github/ file and contains only the necessary information for a developer to get started contributing to the project. Q-CTRL follows the standard specified in the Formatting your README GitHub guide. The .github/ file in the Q-CTRL Template repository contains the prescribed structure and instructions on how to apply this standard.

User documentation

User documentation is found in two places:

  1. The file.
  2. The Q-CTRL Documentation website.

The file

The file in the root of the repository differs from the .github/ file above inasmuch as it is used by repositories whose code is published as a software package. This file is used by the hosted package manager to display information about the software package on the packages home page.

Below are examples of the file being used to populate package home pages.

The Q-CTRL Documentation website

Any means by which a user accesses the platform is supported by user documentation with the aim of making it easy and intuitive to use the software.

User documentation follows the Diátaxis Framework.