Market segments

How Q-CTRL divides its customers into smaller groups based on various characteristics

# Target audiences

  • Quantum hardware manufacturers
  • R&D teams
  • Consultancies
  • End-facing organisations
  • Businesses wanting to be ‘quantum ready’
  • Conventional developers
  • Students of quantum computing
  • Quantum algorithm developers and software engineers

# Market segments by product

# Educational tools

Build real intuition for how quantum computers work and how noise impacts today’s NISQ-era machines through interactive and engaging visualizations.

What we doWe build the most beautiful 3D visualizations allowing users to understand complex topics in quantum computing
Target marketStudents, end Users, consultancies, conventional software developers
ProductsBLACK OPAL, Educational videos

# Quantum firmware

Extract maximum performance from your quantum hardware. Stabilize quantum hardware at the lowest layers of the stack without the need to modify your devices.

Build error-robust devices, quantum logic and algorithms. Identify and characterize noise sources and then optimize performance using the most advanced analytic and machine-learning tools. Optimize single gates through to full algorithms.

What we doWe empower customers to build error-robust drop-in replacements for quantum logic operations and provide the software platforms allowing analysis, automation, and integration
Target marketHardware R&D teams, QC researchers, and students
ProductsBOULDER OPAL, Open Controls, Professional Services

# Tools for quantum developers

Break free from the constraints of cloud quantum computing. Increase quantum volume, reduce runtime, and improve algorithmic success.

Incorporate error robustness into your algorithms using the same proven physics as in quantum firmware. Augment performance further using compatibility of solutions across the stack.

Unleash the hidden potential of quantum computers.

What we doWe leverage control at the analog layer, building error-robustness directly into the process of circuit compilation at runtime. As the world's most experienced team in characterizing and optimizing quantum computers in the cloud, the experts at Q-CTRL can help you access the hidden performance of today's cloud-based machines.
Target marketQC programmers, application developers, algorithm researchers, general software developers
ProductsFIRE OPAL, Professional Services