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Descriptions of all Q-CTRL products


TaglineRealize the true potential of quantum technology
DescriptionWorld-leading quantum control engineering expertise as intuitive software
SummaryIf you build or use quantum computers, Q-CTRL provides the critical enabling software to reduce hardware errors, helping you realize the true potential of quantum computing

# Detailed

From quantum computing to quantum sensing in defense, Q-CTRL deploys our world-leading expertise in quantum control engineering as intuitive software to help make quantum technology useful. Our unique software helps solve today’s biggest challenges for quantum technology in the NISQ era and beyond; noise and decoherence. Quickly build intuition for the impact of noise and errors in quantum computers with Q-CTRL, and deploy our expert solutions to stabilize real hardware. Learn more about our solutions at


TaglineBegin your quantum journey
DescriptionEducational tools for students and developers entering the field
SummaryThrough a highly intuitive graphical interface with stunning visualizations, BLACK OPAL helps you build intuition for how noise impacts today's NISQ-era quantum computers, and how control can help.


TaglineOptimize your quantum hardware
DescriptionQuantum control infrastructure software for R&D professionals building the future
SummaryBOULDER OPAL allows customers to accelerate the pathway to quantum advantage and perform like they have a team of expert quantum control engineers without having to build one themselves.

# For quantum computing

If you build or use quantum computers, Q-CTRL can help you access the hidden performance of quantum hardware.

  • Reduce gate errors
  • Increase quantum volume
  • Improve success probability

Build error-robust devices, quantum logic and algorithms.

Identify and characterize noise sources and then optimize performance using the most advanced analytic and machine-learning tools. Optimize single gates through to full circuits.

# Technical

Python tools for quantum control R&D and hardware integration.

  • Optimize error-robust controls in high-dimensional spaces
  • Evaluate and simulate hardware and circuit performance in realistic environments
  • Characterize hardware noise for single qubits and beyond
  • Solutions are hardware agnostic and lab-validated across dominant qubit technologies
  • Combine with hardware-specific automated tuneup, calibration and adaptive learning

# Detailed

Professional Python tools for quantum R&D teams who want to design and deploy quantum control solutions to characterize and improve hardware performance.

Combine advanced analytic techniques for control analysis with cutting-edge machine learning tools to efficiently characterize and improve the performance of quantum hardware.

Our intuitive, hardware-agnostic software is delivered via an advanced cloud platform, so you’ll always have the latest version and newly released features of Q-CTRL’s powerful quantum control solutions.

  • Optimize robust controls in high-dimensional systems and circuits. Account for leakage levels and dissipation. Incorporate realistic hardware constraints like band-limits and discrete-time sampling.
  • Evaluate quasistatic and time-dependent noise-susceptibility of quantum gates and circuits
  • Simulate algorithm performance in realistic laboratory environments using real, measured noise spectra
  • Characterize noise and drifts in quantum circuits to gain actionable intelligence
  • Integrate directly with hardware for full automation, including hardware calibration and optimization


TaglineUnleash the hidden potential of quantum computers
DescriptionDeveloper tools for quantum algorithm designers and end users seeking quantum advantage
SummaryIntegrate the error-suppressing performance of low-level control into quantum algorithms and applications. Coupled with simulation tools mimicking realistic environments, users can understand how quantum algorithms will run on actual NISQ-era hardware.

# Open Controls

TaglineContribute to an open-source quantum control library
DescriptionAn open-source library of public quantum-control solutions for students and researchers
SummaryAs an open-source Python library of quantum control techniques, community members can access and contribute to Open Controls, ensuring advanced concepts can be used by researchers and students on cutting-edge hardware.

# Detailed

Open Controls is an open-source Python package that makes it easy to create and deploy established error-robust quantum control protocols from the open literature. The aim of the package is to be the most comprehensive library of published and tested quantum control techniques developed by the community, with easy to use export functions allowing users to deploy these controls on: